our story

As a mother of two boys and a General Practitioner with two girls, we felt there was a need for a frozen, organic baby food, which we believe is the healthiest option for weaning little ones. Our youngest, Tommy, was born with several food allergies, including dairy and peanuts. It was hard to find prepared food that he was able to eat, and it was hard to cook from scratch since he didn’t sleep much either!


Our experience with Tommy inspired
us to help other parents who want a healthy, safe and convenient option at mealtimes.  Our facilities are free from the top 14 allergens with the exception of fish.  

With his medical background, Andy has researched babies’ nutritional needs and consulted leading guidelines to provide the backbone to our food range. The fact that he is also a fabulous cook led us to start working together to create what we feel is missing in the baby food market. So, in 2017 Tom Pom Food was born.

We aim to bring more options to all parents who want some help navigating weaning their
children, and who want the very best for their littlest ones.

We hope your growing family enjoy the journey and Tom Pom Organic!

Kari Sherman and Dr Andy Pullen

passion to find the perfect food